Welcome to Friendly Capital LLC!

Friendly Capital LLC is a Florida based real estate investment group that is working right now on real estate projects around the South and Central Florida area.

Our foremost objective is to provide our investment partners with tremendous returns through land acquisition and development.  Throughout the history of our company no investor has earned less than a 15% return on their capital outlay.

Friendly Capital is flexible in its project approach.  Depending on the market area and the demand, we will purchase, plan and either sell to a builder, or hold and construct internally.

Land Planning

We coordinate the services of design and engineering professionals, complete all due diligence, environmental studies, soil borings, mitigation processes, and interface with all government entities to bring land to Preliminary Site Plan, Plat or finished lot status.  This allows us to either construct the subdivision or to provide builders with shovel-ready projects.  Friendly Capital provides a single-source experience wherein one point of contact oversees the entire raw acreage design process.  Our comprehensive approach to land development is distinctive and unparalleled.


Upon achieving governmental site plan approvals, Friendly Capital will construct subdivisions, multi-family complexes, resort hotels and office complexes.

Enjoy yourself – take a friendly tour around our site and see what’s new!

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